Michael Canadas and David Robinson are well known in the world of antique dolls, having founded their Carmel Doll Shop in 1989. Since that time, the shop has been a destination for collectors of fine dolls, dollhouses, toys, clothing and all things relating to childhood past.

Michael and David are also among the founding members of the Carmel Doll and Toy Study Group, a United Federation of Doll Clubs charter. Through that affiliation, the two have given countless presentations for the UFDC through the years, and have helped stage special exhibits at UFDC conventions.

After relocating to a much larger facility in Pacific Grove, California, in 2012, from their original, and quite tiny shop in Carmel, the two realized that their new space held many possibilities. An idea was born during a luncheon event that first year, when Michael and David witnessed how much the attendees enjoyed studying the dolls that were displayed in the layaway cabinet.
They decided to put their own collection on display in the private areas of their Carmel Doll Shop, and with that, The Grovian Doll Museum was born. Since that time, many more events have been staged, always with a themed special exhibit in place.

Michael and David continue to add dolls and other interesting items to the museum space, allowing for a new experience for attendees each time they visit.


Below can be found just a few of the many charitable institutions that the Grovian Doll Museum
and the Carmel Doll & Toy Study Group have generously supported.
Several donations resulted from a joint effort of the two entities through their combined support of the Rose Percy Project.


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