Below can be found a few of the Special Exhibits that are tailored for our themed events held at The Grovian Doll Museum.

Empress Eugenie is the focus of this exquisite scene that was created for the tutorial video, "How to Create a French Fashion Doll Vignette."

"The Lady and The Rose - A Marie Antoinette Tea" offered the opportunity to showcase many of The Grovian's eighteenth century decorative articles.

"Princess Rose," a Bru Bebe Teteur complete with her original trousseau is illustrated here.

A Louise Hedrick Sewing Workshop afforded students the opportunity to dress their own 15" Mlle. Hurets, whose sculpt was based on "Mademoiselle Liberté," a very special Huret example in The Grovian Doll Museum's collection.

The Grovian's own "Mademoiselle Marie" is shown here out of the confines of her cabinet in The Gold Room.

"Tableau de Couture - A Deborah Jenkines Sewing Workshop" offered students the opportunity to learn basic principles of hand sewing.

"Pot-pourri Français" - a visit with Danielle and François Theimer, offered a spectacular display featuring Bébé Bru examples and a wooden model of the Eiffel Tower.

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